Bathroom Subway Tile Ideas

When we are selecting the ideal design for our bathroom, there are some aspects we should consider before make a decision. In this page, you will find some bathroom subway tile ideas for small and big bathroom. Watch them. The first thing is how big our bathroom is. If you have small sized bathroom, you better avoid big designed bathroom tiles. Big sized bathroom tiles will make your small bathroom looks smaller and tighter, it will also chase away the balance of your bathroom. You don’t want to get that impression, do you?

In another side, if you have big or wide bathroom or even very wide bathroom, you better avoid bathroom subway tile in small sized. For small bathroom, bathroom subway tiles are good ideas because they will make small bathroom looks wider and bigger. But for big or wide bathroom, choose the bathroom subway tile in proportional size for all surfaces of your wide bathroom.Glass Subway Tile Bathroom Ideas

Second of bathroom subway tile ideas is about glass subway tile. Glass subway tile in mosaic effect will make your small bathroom looks great and cool. You can get mosaic effect by installing hundreds of small square glass bathroom subway tiles in your bathroom’s walls and floor. It will also reflect the shine that’s touches it and make the bathroom looks brighter and represent the wide feeling of bathroom.Rretro Bathroom Ideas Subway Tile

Third serial of bathroom subway tile ideas is about the cleanliness. Bathroom subway tile is softer and cleaner than the other bathroom tile. You can clean them easily too. Bathroom subway tile is a good choice for them who have not much time and energy to clean their bathroom. It is because we won’t need too much time and energy to clean bathroom subway tile. Bathroom subway tile is also cheaper than the other bathroom tiles.