Color Block Summer Nail Designs 2013

Do you know what the newest trend of 2013 is? Some clothing designers are still using color block trend in this 2013. If you want to appear trendily and up to date, you should follow the development of fashion. And due to this year’s trend is color block trend, you can try to use anything in bright color block. For example, if you are a man, you can wear your suit in bright colors like orange or red or yellow. And if you are a woman and you love fashion, you can beautify your self using bright colors.

Apply bright colors for all of your clothes and accessories. Do you know that bright colors are also good for summer? Then you can try to wear bright colored floaty summer dress and some accessories in bright colors too. Nail art can be great accessory too. Here, watch some summer nail designs 2013 in color block and imitate them for your fun summer.Summer Nail Designs Tumblr

First of summer nail designs 2013 is using one only bright color for all of your nails. If you dislike something plain, you can add some glitters over your bright colored nail polish in your nails. Or you can use several bright colors all at once in different nails for variation appearance.Summer Nail Designs Pinterest

Another idea of summer nail designs 2013 is create color gradation in each of your nails. You can try to use more than two bright colors for each nail and create a unique pattern there. And even an abstract pattern is able to make your nails looks better and beautiful. Just be careful and beautify your nails clearly to get maximal result. Then, you can wear some clothes and outfits in similar bright colors or neutral color like white to balance your nail art. Don’t wear or bring too many accessories because your nail itself looks merry and full.