Formal Wear for Men with Two Types Shirts

Shirt is one of many tops for men that are important, either short sleeved shirts or long sleeves shirts. Shirt for men can be a mainstay that makes the wearer looks classy and stylish. There is a special character of shirt for men, it can be worn for formal programs like go to work, attend some invitations, hang out, or get a date. So, you have to know some important things about formal wear for men, including the shirt. Therefore you can get more detail views about shirt.

At least, there are two types of shirt; the first is shirt for formal wear for men. Just like the name, formal shirt, you can wear this shirt for formal programs. This shirt has different cutting with casual shirt. Generally, formal shirt is a shirt with long sleeves that looks neater and more formal. This formal shirt is usually designed to be worn with tie and coat that makes the appearance looks more and more formal. But this shirt is still stylish even if you wear it without tie and coat.Western Formal Wear Men

The second type of shirts is casual shirt. Usually, shirt with short sleeves is identical with casual style. Different with formal shirt that has some buttons to the neck that’s designed to be worn with tie; this casual shirt has no buttons till the neck area, but to the chest only. It makes your appearance looks weird if you wear it with a tie. It is better to open one or two buttons in the top of this shirt when you wear it to make it looks trendy and casual.Semi Formal Wear Men

Although it is casual, you still be able to wear the shirt above as your formal wear for men with a vest or waistcoat. As the substitute of tie, you can hang a scarf in your neck and make it looks trendy.