Fruit Nail Designs 2013 Summer

For majority of girls and women in the world, accessory is as important as the outfits. Accessory will make them looks beautiful, shiny, and sweet. Are you looking for the best accessory for this year? Then let us talk about summer accessory we can use to beautify our self. It is about nail designs 2013 summer. In summer, we will need something that’s fresh, natural, and chilly. How can we represent those impressions for our nail designs 2013 summer? Let us see an interesting idea about it.

Idea of nail designs 2013 summer is about the fruit nail arts. Fruit is always fresh, natural, and able to make us feel glad in all conditions. So we can adopt the freshness and naturalness of fruits as our accessory. Can you see some pictures of nail designs 2013 summer that are inspired of fruits here? Look at some fruits around you and steal the colors for your nail arts. Bright colors of orange fruit, apple, kiwi, and the others will be good ide to make your nails looks bright in summer.Nail Designs 2013 Summer Pic

Nail designs 2013 summer can be plain or patterned accord with your desire. You can just polish your nails using nail polisher in one or two colors. But you can also make your nails looks fresher and more natural by polish your nails accord with the texture and shape of the fruits you imitate.VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

To make your nails looks more interesting and shiny; you can add something luminous like glitter over your nail polisher. It will make the fruit nail designs 2013 summer looks so fresh and sweet. You can apply this idea for your finger nails and toe nails. Then you can choose similar colored clothes to balance and make your nail art looks harmony. So, let us see what fruit that we can imitate to beautify our nails.