How to Dress with Black Blazer for Women

Blazer is a kind of cloth that’s used to cover the top part of men’s and women’s tops. Blazer is made of many suiting likes jersey, leather, cotton, hard fabric, and even denim and jeans. In past black blazer for women is worn to work as a complement of business suit for women. But nowadays we can wear blazer for any occasions. What occasions? And with what clothes we can wear our blazer? We will see some ideas now.

Black blazer for women that’s made of cotton is the best for summer style. Cotton is a good suiting that’s able to make us feel comfort and fresh due to it is soft, light in weight, and has big pores that’s enables our skin to breathe and get enough air. Usually, black is bad for summer because it will catch the heat of sunlight and make us feel sultry. But blazer is worn over our top, so we can anticipate it by wearing bright colored top like soft blue, baby pink, orange, or light green.Black Blazer for Women

Model of black blazer for women itself available in plenty choices; from the longest to the shortest ones. Generally, long or usual black blazer for women is matches with business suit, it looks elegant and professional. But there is a new model that’s good for work and hangs out at once; it is cropped black blazer for women. Cropped blazer will be good with short tight skirt in black color too, and soft colored blouse especially with ruffles.Black Cropped Blazer for Women

For hang out, cropped black blazer for women will look good with jeans pant and skirt or legging with loose tops. Why should we wear loose tops? If you wear a skinny jeans pant or a legging with tight top and cropped blazer, you won’t look perfect especially if your body is plus size. Therefore, you better balance it with loose and long top.