How to Get Selena Gomez Hairstyles

Selena Marie Gomez’s main priority is her hairstyles. In 4 years, Selena Gomez hairstyles always changed in different styles. For example, in 2007 Selena Gomez hairstyle is long wavy hair. Then in 2008 Selena Gomez was changed her hair style by gave a touch of bangs in her long straight hair. Selena Gomez was cut her hair in 2009 and let it long again in 2010. In 2011 Selena Gomez hairstyles become long wavy hair anymore.

Selena Gomez also ever changed her long hair style from ponytail hairstyle to something new and you can imitate for your daily. Long hair of Selena Gomez hairstyles that’s hanging loosely in her shoulders look sweet and fresh, especially when it is combined between wavy hair and braid. The braid is taken from the top part of her hairs and it is left athwart. If you want to imitate this kind of Selena Gomez hairstyles, you can start by change your hair style becomes random wavy hair that’s usually called beach hair.Selena Gomez Hairstyles 2010Then, from that hair arrangement, you can try to make a braid that’s athwart from the edge of over your forehead, go along the edge of your head and let it shaped likes a crown. To keep this one of Selena Gomez hairstyles, you can add wax or gel in your hair (if your hair is not oily) before you curl your hair up and then syringe your hair with hair spray. With this hair style that’s inspired by Selena Gomez hairstyles, you don’t need to worry about your hair and its tidiness because the core of this hair style is chaos.

Selena Gomez Hairstyles

The superiority of this Selena Gomez hair style is you can use this hair style for all occasions, either formal or in-formal. You can go to parties, hang out, or get a date with this one only hair style.