Men Style 2013 in Cropped Trousers

Fashion is not always about women, nowadays men also want to show and express them selves from their style and way to dress up them selves. If you watch the newest men style 2013, you will see many men in cropped trousers love to show their ankle and a half of their calves of legs. Just see some cropped trousers of Jude Law, Tom Ford, to Ryan Gosling, and you will understand that some men imitate the style of those trend setters.

This newest men style 2013 enables the men to show off their ankle, tarsus, and calves of their legs that are the mark of their masculinity and sporty soul of men. For many years, the tailors have been sewed men’s trousers with the length reaches the front part of shoes. But now, the length of trousers is just a game. If the men have a long trouser, they will coil it up till it is hanging over the ankles. If they have the cropped trousers, they will coil the trousers till hanging around the calves of legs.Men Style 2013 Pic

This cropped trouser of men style 2013 being the trend in this era. Coil up technique has been visible in the catwalk, then be the fashion trend for young men. In the beginning, this style is present in women’s style but now, the men adopt this style too.Men Style 2013 Photo

Not only the cropped trouser, but now printed trouser also becomes new men style 2013. If in past there is no man who want to wear print patterned trousers, there are plenty styles of printed trousers designed for men. So if you are a man and you want to be an up-to-date man, don’t be shy to follow the new men style 2013 and express your self in your stylish and trendy clothes.