Nail Art Designs for Short Nails and the Techniques

Do you know that part of your body that you can tattoo is not only your skin? Yes, you can ‘tattoo’ your nails too. Nail art becomes a solution for you who want to make your nails look beautiful and artistic. Different with skin’s tattoo that’s needs professional worker, you don’t need anyone else to make your nails looks beautiful because you can do it by your self. Nail art designs for short nails are different with nail art for long nails. If you have short nails, you have to watch some important things here before beautify your short nails.

Nail art designs for short nails should looks interesting, so avoid French pattern that makes your nails look shorter. For short nails, you better choose the pattern with simple motif such as balls or polka dots in combination of soft colors. If you are confused and you have no self confidence to beautify your short nails, you can go to beauty salon and let the beautician decorating your short nails for more beautiful and neat result.Nail Art Designs for Short Nails Tumblr

About nail art designs for short nails itself, there are four techniques you will find in beauty salon. What are they? First is drawing technique. Drawing technique is using special nail polishes to applying special painting in your short nails. Second technique is the utilizing of sticker. Sticker is the simplest technique to be applied in short nails, because the beautician just needs to patch the stickers with patterns you want in your short nails.Cute Nail Art Designs for Short Nails

The third technique of nail art designs for short nails is Swarovski French technique. What is it? Have you ever heard about French Manicure? This Swarovski French method is based on French Manicure. The special character of Swarovski French is using two tone of color combination that one of them is more prominent than the other one. The last one is mix technique that’s mixed technique between several techniques above.