Nail Art Ideas to Beautify Our Nails

Appear beautifully is the desirability of the majority of women and girls in the world. I’m pretty sure you want to appear beautiful too. As a girl, we can beautify our self with stylish clothes and natural make up. Is it enough? Not yet. We can beautify our self using nail art too. There are many girls who love to go to beauty salon and let the beautician beautifying their nails. We don’t need to do that because we can do it by our self.

I’ll share some ways to beautifying our nails using nail art ideas and nail gel. Watch then so you can do it by your self. First, do the general manicures for all of your nails, then grind them down and make the surface felt rough. Second, coat the nails using nail prep; don’t use it too much to chase away the oil in nails’ surface. Third step is giving your nails the base coat gel then heat them using UV ray under the UV lamp for 2 minutes. Erase the sticky liquid using harmony nail cleanser.Nail Art Tumblr

Fourth, spread the nail gel for all surfaces of nails then heat it once more using UV ray for 2 minutes. For clear result, you can spread the nail gel twice. Then, spread the top coat gel or glossing gel to make the nails looks shiny, after that, you can heat it again with UV ray for 2 other minutes. Clean the liquid again with harmony nail cleanser. The sixth step is choose some nail art ideas then use your choice to decorate your nails.VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

You can use white colored nail gel as the basic, and then choose the acrylic nail art ideas for the top. Nail gel which has high durable will be cleanable easily with usual nail cleanser. But you better clean your nails in beauty salon.