New Prada Handbags 2013

Prada is a fashion company from Italia that’s established by Mario Prada in 1913 at Milan. Prada provides many luxury goods such as bags, belts, clothes, and the other else that enable us to appear elegantly in all moments. Prada has been so popular till this time and it always presents with many goods in high quality complete with high prices too. Prada handbags 2013 are also present in many new models and designs with different functions. Let us see some of Prada handbags 2013 that are match to accompany us to parties.

First of Prada handbags 2013 we can bring to parties is clutch bag. Clutch bag from Prada has fit size to be a party bag with special shape, that’s inclined to rectangular, makes this clutch bag from Prada looks matches to be carried in all types of parties. But due to you have to carry clutch bag in your hand, you will be difficulty to move your hand freely.Prada Handbag Collection 2013

Second number of Prada handbags 2013 that’s also looks good for parties is hand bag itself. The superiority of hand bag from Prada is you can carry it in your hand or sling it in your shoulder. The size and shape is not too different with clutch bag but it has shoulder strap that’s enables you to carry it in your shoulder. With this hand bag from Prada, you can move your hand freer than if you keep your clutch bag from Prada. But the size is bit bigger than clutch bag and it makes hand bag of Prada looks not matches for formal parties.Prada Handbags New Collection 2013

The last serial of Prada handbags 2013 named pouch bag that’s matches with all kinds of situation, either formal parties or cocktail parties. Pouch bag of Prada has a string that you can hang in your wrist and enables you to move freely with both of your hands. But pouch bag has no skeleton of shape, so you should be wise entering your stuffs inside it because if you keep too much stuffs, the shape of your pouch will look so mess and won’t make you looks elegant.