New Trends of Nails Summer 2013

Nail is the part of our body that will be able to make us looks beautiful and charming if we can beautify it perfectly. Therefore, many girls love to use nail polishes and false nails to make their nails looks beautiful. Do you know that nail art for different seasons are different too? There are some ideas of nails summer 2013 in this page. Find them and you can get the best nails for summer in this year.

Summer and spring reminds us to new life and natural. Natural themed nails summer 2013 can make your nails looks beautiful. With sun image, clouds, blossom flowers, green leaves, and colorful butterflies will be great and artistic nail design for summer. Art of sparkling or luminous nails summer 2013 is good too. Merry colored and glistened nail polishes become the trend of this year. The most popular glistening color of nail art is red, gold, and silver. Your appearance will looks luminous in this glistening nail art and glistening jewelry too.Nails Spring Summer 2013

Ethnic themes have been used for fashion world; either it is clothes, accessories, or nails summer 2013. Ethnic nail art is a combination between bright and clear colors. It is designed in geometric shapes like round, stripes, and triangle. The most gratify thing from this ethnic nail art is you can create your own ethnic patterns accord with your desire. But you will need patience and carefulness if you want to beautify your nails with this ethnic design.Summer Nail Polish 2013

Another of nails summer 2013 is the metallic colored nail polishes. Metallic colored nail polishes become the favorite of majority girls in the world in this year. Metallic colored nail polishes are the most wanted by those girls; do you want these metallic nail polishes too? Gold and silver are two metallic colors that are mostly liked.