Nicole Richie Style 2013 for Formal Party

Nicole Camille Richie is 31 years old actress, designer, and charity from USA. As a designer, Nicole Richie always creates new designs, models, and styles of clothes you can find in internet. Nicole Richie herself always wears her clothes, then mix and match them becomes trendy and stylish clothes that are match for her. Are you a fan of Nicole Richie? Or are you looking for some ideas about the newest style in 2013? You can find the answer here, under the Nicole Richie style 2013 topic.

Nicole Richie was designed a new party dress that’s a long dress with long sleeves in blue color and abstract motif. She wore her creation in Golden Globe red carpet in several times ago. Now, you can imitate her style by buy a long dress that’s resembled with Nicole Richie’s dress or ask a couturier to make it for you. This Nicole Richie style 2013 for party makes her looks elegant, haughty, and beautiful. So by wearing same styled long dress to attend a party, you will get the same impressions.Nicole Richie 2013 Golden Globes

With that new Nicole Richie style 2013, you just need to wear a pair of high heels shoes and carry your clutch, handbag, or pouch. Don’t need to wear any accessory because the dress itself is enough to make you looks beautiful and mature. But if you want to add a nice looks in your dress, you can wear a belt with neutral color or brooch with bright color in your chest.Nicole Richie 2013 Golden Globe Dress

For your air, you can wear a head dress that the color and pattern is same with your dress of Nicole Richie style 2013. But don’t wear all of those accessories all at once because this will make you looks excessive and decrease the elegance of your looks. Watch yourself in mirror and make sure that you look perfect before you go.