Pink Hello Kitty Heels — Childish, Mature or Feminine?

Footwear is as important as clothes. We need footwear to protect our feet from dirty and dangerous materials in floor. Not only to cover and protect our feet, footwear is also useful to make our appearance looks stylish and fashionable. For women, there are plenty types of footwear available, such as sandals, high heels shoes, wedges, pump shoes, flat shoes, and the other else. All of those types of footwear will create different impressions for the wearer. Now, let us see what impressions that will present from pink Hello Kitty heels.

Pink is a color that’s identical with female, softness, feminine, and girly. By wearing soft pink Hello Kitty heels, you will be able to appear as a feminine, very soft, and sweet girl. With soft pink Hello Kitty heels, you can wear some bright colored clothes such as orange or red dress to consolidate the feminine looks and represent the mature impression.Pink Hello Kitty Heels Photo

Another of pink Hello Kitty heels is the conspicuous pink Hello Kitty heels that are brighter than the soft one. This conspicuous pink Hello Kitty heels make your appearance looks more mature, elegant, but a bit childish. To balance those impressions, you can wear some clothes in softer colors such as white color dress, grey blazer, and pale colored skinny jeans or legging. If you want to wear short pant or short skirt, you can combine those clothes with conspicuous pink Hello Kitty heels tight high boots or ankle boots. That combination is able to make you looks trendy and up to date.Pink Hello Kitty Heels Pic

If you want to create a mature impression with pink Hello Kitty heels, choose pink Hello Kitty heels that the touch of pink is just a bit, over neutral color likes black or white. Black and white is two neutral colors that will make your appearance look mature but still feminine. Then, due to there is a neutral color in your footwear, you can wear any color for your clothes.