Principle of Street Fashion Men

Fashion for men is not same at all with fashion for women. It is because clothes for women are much more than clothes for men. Women can mix and match many kinds of clothes but men can’t do that because they have no variation of dress and skirt. Although men have lessen types of clothes, they still able to mix and match their clothes and create fashionable styles. There is a popular style named street fashion men. It is about free style that’s enables you to create your own style with any clothes and accessories you want.

In each country, you will find different street fashion men. In Japan for example, street fashion men that’s popular called Harajuku style. This Japanese street fashion men is a style that’s allows people, men especially, to wear several clothes at once complete with several outfits and accessories. For example, in Japan, it is not weird if a young man wearing T shirt, vest, and blazer all at once. Sometimes, the color of his clothes can be crowded and not balance. But this is also a general thing in Japan.Street Fashion Men

In another country, the people are used to wearing scarf in all season although it is not winter and they won’t feel chilly without the scarf. This kind of street fashion men is not too bad to be tried. You can wear a fashion scarf that won’t make you feel sultry on your neck. Just be your self and wear any accessory you want, that’s the principle of street fashion men.Street Fashion Men Tumblr

Another street fashion men allows you to wear simple clothing style, another street fashion men  needs many accessories and in layers of clothes. You are free to wear anything in any colors and quantity. No one will restrain you or think you are weird. Just adjust the street fashion men you choose with the country where you life.