Selena Gomez Red Carpet Long Dresses

Selena Marie Gomez is a beautiful actress and singer who becomes a trend setter too. She always wears beautiful dresses and outfits for all occasions. Her dresses become inspirations for majority of girls and even women in the world. Let us see some long dresses Selena wore for red carpet and steal the style of her dress for our own parties in nights or daylights.

Sometimes Selena wore long dress for red carpet moments but in the other times she wore her short dress. We will see some pictures of Selena Gomez red carpet long dresses here. Selena’s first long dress is a long dress with spaghetti straps that’s looks so elegant in Selena’s body. Her long dress that’s the length reaches the floor makes her looks taller and taller and also more elegant. You can also wear spaghetti strapped long dress in dark color if you are going to attend night parties. A pair of high heels and a clutch in similar color will increase your elegance.Selena Gomez Red Carpet Dress

Second Selena Gomez red carpet dress is strapless dress. Generally, strapless dress will make you looks sexy and mature. But the strapless dress Selena wore isn’t makes her looks sexy and mature but looks nice and cute. It is because of the color of dress is not the sexy color like red or elegant color like black. Grey and brown are two of many colors that are able to make the wearer look warm and sweet. So if you are looking for the dress that’s makes you looks friendly, choose the one with warm color.Selena Gomez Red Carpet Tumblr

The last Selena Gomez red carpet dress is a halter neck dress with its mature impression. By wearing halter neck and backless dress, you will be able to appear as mature as Selena. She looks so mature and she has no childish character at all with her halter neck dress. The beneath part of halter neck dress that is torn apart is looks so sexy and harmony with the halter neck model. Which one of Selena Gomez red carpet dresses do you prefer?