Selena Gomez Style 2013 with Skinny Trousers

Selena Marie Gomez was born in Grand Prairie, Texas, USA, now she is 20 years old. She is very famous as a singer, song writer, and actress who become very popular since her role in Disney Wizards of Waverly Place. Selena Gomez is a fashionable teen who always appear fashionably and stylishly in all moments. If you want to appear stylishly like Selena, you can steal her style, here I have some information about Selena Gomez style 2013 you may interest.

Selena Gomez style 2013 is so chic and natural; with this style Selena looks so young and cute. There is a style that’s special of Selena Gomez; it is Texan cowgirl that’s mixed with the glamorous of Hollywood’s Boho chic style. No matter what’s her style, Selena always wears skinny trousers as her item fashion that’s matches for all of her styles. With her skinny trousers for all tops, Selena looks chic and slim, want to steal her style? I’ll share some tips.

Selena Gomez Style 2013 Pic

Smart young lady Selena Gomez style 2013 looks formal and smart but still young and energetic. Skinny jeans or another skinny trouser with ruffle blouse represent fresh, young, and dynamic looks. Then to represent the formal impression, blazer is a good additional. To create a casual looks and easy going, choose the combination that’s similar from the top to footwear. For example, dark grey color with blazer creamy grey. Next Selena Gomez style 2013 that’s easy to be imitated is Hollywood boho chic style. You need skinny jeans in dark color scheme, mini tunic dress from chiffon or light silk with mixed print motif. For footwear, pump shoes modeled high heels is the greatest. This style will make you looks glamour and beautiful.Selena Gomez Style 2013 Photo

And the last Selena Gomez style 2013 is sophisticated hippy that’s simpler than boho. You can choose loose top with a bit opened model to make you looks stylish and not too lumpy. For your shoes, T-strap high heels in neutral color will make your appearance looks elegant for casual programs.