Smart Looks of Men Casual Wear

Want to appear smart in your casual looks? Certainly, you need more than jeans and T shirt to represent smart impression. But, avoid the clothes that are too formal because it will break of the casual looks. Are you looking for the inspirations of mix and match men casual wear? Find them here and educe it.

Let us start with the simplest thing. The simplest men casual wear needs chino pant, western styled shirt, blazer, and footwear for the combination. Plain colored western styled shirts like white, blue, pink, and the others are the most popular. For the blazer, navy blazer is the best for men, so you better have it at least one piece. For the chino pant, choose the one with neutral color likes grey so you can combine it with brown shoes. If you need to wear the belt, choose the classy one and adjust the color with your shoes color. Pull out your tie and let your top button opened for smart casual looks.Men Casual Clothing

Second idea is jeans for bravery. Nowadays, models of jeans are available in plenty choices; no wonder some offices allowing their employees to wear jeans for work. For smart looks of men casual wear, mix your jeans in dark color that’s fit to your body with a plain white western shirt and casual blazer as the complement. Another alternative, you can try to wear cardigan or waistcoat and make it looks sweet with a tie. Desert boots and brogues are the best one that is able to be adjusted with any occasions.Men`s Casual Wear

V neck with a tie and jeans looks sexy but a good way to represent smart looks in men casual wear. Knitted cardigan over your top will make your casual looks in winter looks more and trendier. Loafer is the best with this men casual wear, with or without socks is accord with your desire.