Street Casual Jessica Alba 2013 Style

Major of women knew who Jessica Marie Alba is. She is an actress who is also a trends setter for plenty women who idol her. Jessica is a stylish woman who always appears in fashionable clothes. No wonder she becomes a trend setter even for young women. Oftentimes, we see Jessica in elegant clothes and glamour styles. Now we will see her in another style, the style which makes her looks trendy and younger.

In this time, we will see some pictures of Jessica Alba 2013 Style Street. She isn’t wore any elegant dress in high heels or pump shoes, but she chose skinny jeans and leggings for her street style. For example, watch the pictures of Jessica Alba 2013 style here. She looks casual with her skinny jeans pant complete with a simple un-ruffled top. As a sweetener, she wore a scarf with similar color in her neck. Certainly, pumps shoes or wedges won’t look matches with this style. So you can imitate Jessica’s style and complete your style with high heels boots that will make you looks cool.Jessica Alba in Style 2013

Another Jessica Alba 2013 style in casual or street is wearing leggings. Legging is a flexible pant that’s skinny too but able to make us feel comfort because it is able to be adjusted with our movements. The style of legging itself available in many selections, bright colored legging, jeans legging, and patterned legging are some styles of leggings. Just like Jessica, we can wear our legging with loose and long tops. Don’t wear short and tight tops that will make us looks un-balance. With all of those styles, Jessica completed her styles using blazer, a trendy blazer in black color that will be matches with any clothes.Jessica Alba Hairstyle 2013Jessica Alba Hair Style 2013

Then, adjust your hairstyles with the clothing style you wear. Look at some Jessica Alba 2013 style with different hairstyles for different occasions. If you are going to attend any party and need to appear elegantly, set your hairstyle into the most elegant hairstyle. But to completing casual style, you can set your hairstyle into simple style so you can move and enjoy your days comfortably.