Street Style Men in Some Countries

Style for men is not same at all with style for women. It is because clothes for women are much more than clothes for men. Women can mix and match many kinds of clothes but men can’t do that because they have no variation of dress and skirt. Although men have lessen types of clothes, they still able to mix and match their clothes and create fashionable styles. There is a popular style named street style men. It is about free style that’s enables you to create your own style with any clothes and accessories you want.

In each country, you will find different street style men. In New York for example, street style men that’s popular is about a style with long coat and long scarf; although it is not winter, the street style men will always consists of long coat and long scarf. If you are life in New York and you are interested to use street style men, you can wear a long coat over your top and wear some accessories all at once. This street style man is different with the other street style men. If street style men is identical with casual style, this street style men is identical with classy style.Street Style Men Tumblr

The next street style men are named classic street style men. It is a usual casual style that’s consists of jeans pant, knitted sweater, and some accessories like scarf or tie, hat, footwear (like sneakers, boots, or loafers), and the other else. It is so usual but it is able to make you looks classy and warm. I’m pretty sure, plenty girls will fall in love with your style.Street Style Men

In some other countries, you will find other street style men that are more extreme and eccentric than the other else. In Japan and Berlin for example, their street style men engaging colorful clothes in layers and unique accessories. That’s looks weird but not bad to be tried. Want to try them?