Summer Nail Designs in Brave Colors

Summer is identical with bright and clear nuances. You can appear trendy and stylish in summer by choosing right clothes, footwear, and accessories. About the accessories, you nails will be great accessories in summer. Use nail arts to beautify your nails in summer, but don’t pick any color of nail art for your nails because nail art for summer is different with nail art for the other seasons. What colors you can use to beautify your nails in summer? Find the answer here.

First color of summer nail designs is orange, the color of orange fruit. Summer is the season of bright and clear colors. Orange color is included in bright and brave color. With your orange colored nails, you can wear bright colored clothes too, such as white, pink, yellow, green, white, and orange itself. Second color of summer nail designs is white. White colored nail polish that’s combined with nail art will make you looks elegant and chic to attend formal programs in summer. If you want to appear beautifully and funky, you can add glitter in your white summer nail designs. Actually, white will always matches for all seasons.Summer Nail Designs Tumblr

Third number of summer nail designs is red, the color that’s so brave and beautiful for summer. If you want to appear stylishly and beautifully, you can use thick red colored nail polish in all of your nails. Then combine it with paler colored dress to balance the bravery of red. For nights in summer, you can use gold colored nail polish that’s combined with black colored nail art for elegant impression.Summer Nail Designs Pinterest

Are you a feminine girl? Or are you a pink lover? You will appear femininely with pink colored summer nail designs. Combine pink colored nail polish with dark blue color to make it looks a bit mature. For your toes, blue colored summer nail designs are a good choice. Use opened sandals to show your beautiful toes when you are hang out or go to the beach.