Types of Contemporary Door Designs for Residence

Do you know that our home’s decoration will influence our beauty? From the decoration of a home, people will see and conclude what kind of family who life there, that’s the reason for us to decorate and beautify our home as maximal as we can. Door is included in home decoration. There are so many designs of doors for different home designs. For modern home design, contemporary door designs for residence are available. Check some of them here.

The first one is aluminum contemporary door designs for residence. This kind of contemporary door designs for residence usually layered by your favorite color and it is matches for contemporary interior design of home or another residence. Aluminum door generally made of glass material that’s framed by aluminum. The superiority of this door is it is need no reparation or re-treatment of painting. Thereby, you don’t need to overlay your aluminum door, but you have to check the color when you buy it.Contemporary Door Designs for Residence Pic

Next of contemporary door designs for residence is the Louvre door. This kind of contemporary door designs for residence has horizontal slats that are able to be opened to let the air come in to the room when you need your privacy. The special character of this door is you still able to get the fresh air you need although this door is closed. But it has a weakness for you, it is the door is not easy to be cleaned and you have to make sure that the mechanic is good and it is able to block the views.Contemporary Door Designs for Residence Photo

Flush door is the last one of contemporary door designs for residence. This is the simplest door ever because it is flat at all. Flush door usually used as interior doors and made of fiberglass or wood. The superiority is it has lower price than the others. But the weakness is the surface of this door is not transparent so it can’t let the shine come in. It is also has no decoration so you can’t use it for your main door.