Unique Black and Blonde Hairstyles

As teenagers, no wonder that we want something unique and attractive for our appearance. Many young people set their hair into weird hair style and wear their make up in unique style just to get street style or emo style. How about you? What will you do to make yourself look modern and attractive? If you look at the malls, you will see many products of hair dyes. You can try to exploit the hair dye to make your hair style looks unique.

I have an interesting idea about utilizing hair dye. This idea is about black and blonde hairstyles. I have black color and I have plenty hoar or white hairs although I’m a teen. If you have same problem with me, you can try to consider black and blonde hairstyle for yours. You can use the blonde hair dye to disguise your hoar. Use the blonde hair dye to create blonde highlight in your black hair. If this is your purpose, you can use blonde hair dye to some layers over your black hair.Black and Blonde Hairstyles Pic

Another idea creating black and blonde hairstyles is creating black highlight using blonde hair dye. Set aside some layers of your black hair and color the others using blonde dye hair and let some layers get theirs natural color. This hairstyle will be good with emo style, harajuku style, and street style. But don’t use these black and blonde hairstyles to attend formal meetings because it is not respectful.Black and Blonde Hairstyles Photo

Are you looking for unique hairstyle for Halloween or another costume party? Black and blonde hairstyles can be great idea for you. Divide your hair into two parts, color one part of your black hair using blonde hair dye and let the other one in its natural black color. And automatically you are ready to go for costume party.