Utilizing Different Blazer for Women

Blazer is a kind of cloth that’s used to cover the top part of men’s and women’s tops. Blazer is made of many suiting likes jersey, leather, hard fabric, and even denim and jeans. In past blazer for women is worn t o work as a complement of business suit for women. But nowadays we can wear blazer for any occasions. What occasions? And with what clothes we can wear our blazer? We will see some ideas now.

First is the idea about wearing blazer for women for work but in different style. If you are used to wear a tight black skirt and white blouse under your black blazer, you can try another style now. For example, you can wear a tight short sleeveless dress and cover the top with long blazer for women. To make your appearance looks sweeter, you can wear a trendy belt that’s looks beautiful over your blazer. If your blazer’s color is contrast with your dress’s color, you will look nice.Blazer for Women Casual.

You can also wear your blazer for women with your casual clothes to hang out. Camo blazer for women, jeans and denim blazer for women are the best blazer you can wear with your mini casual dress, mini jeans skirt, and jeans pant. If you choose a jeans pant or jeans skirt under your casual blazer for women, make sure that your top is long and loose to balance the shorts. About the footwear with this style, loafers, sneakers, boots, and flat shoes are good choices.Jersey Blazer for Women

And in summer, we need blazer for women that are able to make us feel fresh and comfort to do anything. In this case, jersey blazer for women that’s soft is a good choice. It is also presents in variations of colors, especially bright. With jersey blazer for women over your clothes, your summer holiday will be as fresh as your appearance.