Casual Style for Men 2013 with Semi Formal Clothes

Style is divided into three types, formal, semi-formal and casual styles. All of those styles have their own characteristics. Formal style for men for example, usually consists of formal clothes like fabric pant, white shirt, and black coat. It is looks so usual and boring. About casual style for men, jeans are the most popular suiting that’s symbolizes casual style. Many men and even women love wearing jeans either pant or tops or jacket for their casual style. Don’t you know that casual style is not only about jeans? And that casual style can be so classy and elegant?

Casual style that’s usually consists of jeans and shirts are not good for formal meetings. Then you can add some clothes that will represent classy and elegant looks for your casual style for men 2013. For example, you can cover your top with leather jacket. Leather jacket will make the casual style for men 2013 look classy. Leather jacket will not out of date and it will be match with any clothes and styles. So you can wear leather jacket for classy looks over your jeans pant and shirt.Casual Style for Men

Another cloth you can add for making your casual style for men 2013 looks classy is sweater. Sweater is usually worn by men and women in winter to cover their body from cold weather. But now you can wear it over your western shirt or polo shirt to make your casual style for men 2013 looks a bit classy. An additional of sweater and scarf will represent warmth and friendly character of your style.Casual Style for Men 2013

Or if you want another cloth that’s more elegant with your casual style for men 2013, you can consider blazer. Nowadays, blazer appears in many options of model, design, and suiting. Leather is the only suiting of blazer that’s identical with elegant impression. And blazers will always looks good with any clothes either formal or casual style for men 2013.