Comparison Between Kebaya Lace Design and Brocade

Each country has their custom clothes for both men and women in all ages. In Japan you will find kimono, if you visit India you will see Shari, cheongsam is from China. And in Indonesia there is a custom cloth for women named kebaya. Kebaya is a transparent cloth for women that are full decorated by sequins. The sequins will make you looks elegant because it is shiny especially when the lights touch the sequins.

There is an expensive priced kebaya in Indonesia that’s made of lace fabric. Lace fabric is a fabric that’s so soft and able to make our skin felt comfort. Kebaya lace design is available in many choices of model, length, and color. Lace is softer than brocade (kebaya’s basic fabric), therefore the price is also higher than brocade’s price. But the quality of lace is also higher; it is more durable than brocade, and stronger.Kebaya Lace Design Pic

Actually, if you choose one kebaya lace design without sequin, you already get an elegant cloth. But if you want to increase your elegance in a kebaya lace, you can get the one with plenty sequins. Model of Kebaya lace design itself available in many selections from the long sleeved kebaya lace to the short sleeves kebaya lace. The length is also available in many variations from the shortest (the length is reaches our hips) to the longest (its length is reaches the floor).Kebaya Lace Design Photo

In Indonesia kebaya usually is worn by women for graduation ceremony and wedding. You can wear your kebaya lace design for your special wedding if you want or just wear it to wrap your body when you are going to attend some parties. Generally, slippers are used to complete kebaya, but nowadays you can wear your wedges and pumps or even high heels boots with your kebaya.