Different Arab Women Dress for Women and Teenager Girls

In different country, you will find different cultures, languages, and custom clothes. In Japan, you will find Kimono. In Indonesia, there are plenty of Kebaya and Batik. In India, Shari is so popular. Ouchanka is from Russia. You can find Cheongsam in China. What about Arab? What custom clothes of Arab that is popular? This page is consists of some information about Arab women dress. If you want to know the answer of those questions, come and find here.

Arabian women love wearing some dresses that are inclined to long and able to cover their body and genitals perfectly. Some Arab women dresses are named Abaya, Caftan, and Hijab. Abaya is long Arab women dress that’s usually worn by mature women. Abaya Arab women dress is available in many colors and patterns, those selections make women can choose the Abaya Arab women dress accord with their desire and favorite.Arab Women Traditional Dress

For younger women or teenage girls, Caftan is more popular and more wanted than Abaya. Caftan Arab women dress is available in many length and able to be adjusted with any other cloth. Teenage girls can wear short or medium Caftan Arab women dress with jeans pant or legging or skirt or anything else. Long caftan can be worn with jacket, blazer, and the other coating.Arab Women Headdress

And for Muslim women, Hijab is an Arab women dress, especially head dress that’s available in many designs too. Hijab can be worn with long dress, long skirt and long sleeved top, long pant, and the other clothes that are able to support hijab to cover the body of Muslim women perfectly so those Muslim women will be able to obey the Muslim norms that requires Muslim women to wear neat and closed clothes to keep them looks polite. Nowadays, many designs and variations of hijab become trendier and able to make the wearer looks more stylish.