Finding Stunning Semi Formal Attire for Men

Style can be divided into three kinds that are including formal style, semi-formal style, and casual style. Formal style usually is engaging formal clothes, and conversely, casual style is all about clothes that aren’t formal at all. About semi-formal style, it is a style that’s engaging casual clothes but combined with formal clothes becomes semi-formal style we can wear for formal and casual at once. If we talk about the style by gender, style for men and style for women is different. Let us see one of those two styles, semi-formal attire for men.

About formal style for men, some formal clothes like a package of pant and coat complete with the shirt and tie are the elements. Business men are used to wear those formal clothes in formal style to work and although they look so mature and professional; their style is so boring and monotone. To outsmart their style by combining their formal clothes with casual clothes become semi-formal attire for men. How can they mix match formal clothes with casual clothes? Easy, they just need to wear at least one casual cloth with their formal suit. For example, they can wear their formal shirt and pant, but about the coat they can change it with a trendy coat or a knitted sweater or a knitted vest.Business Semi Formal Attire for Men

They also allowed changing their tie or bow-tie with a scarf. Many Asian men do this; they change their tie with a scarf and perfect their style with long coat. Semi-formal attire for men they wear for work as a business man is casual but smart. About the footwear for semi-formal attire for men, leather shoes are the most popular. But actually, they can try to wear boots either ankle boots or UGG boots to make their semi-formal style looks balance and harmony. The key to get smart casual men style is about increasing creativity and keep trying.

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