How to Wear Red Pants for Formal and Casual

Suit is clothes that are usually consists of pant, top, and coat with match shoes. Suit for women usually consists of tight skirt, blouse, and blazer with slippers with closed toes. But those suits will look bored and uninteresting, whereas women should be appear polity and stylish when they work. Then, what is the solution of wearing respectful but attractive suit for work? Wearing pant is not bad, actually pant is better than tight skirt because pant enables the wearer do many activities freer than skirt does. Therefore, women can try wearing pant for work as the substitute of skirt.

If you agree to wear pant than skirt, you have to select the best pant that will make your appearance looks interesting. Black and white isn’t the only colors you can wear for work. There is one more color of pant you can choose, it is red. Red is a color of bravery, maturity, spirit, enthusiasm, and luxury. Red pants will represent an impression of enthusiasm and spirit that you need to finish your work perfectly. How to dress with red pants to work?Red Pants

The easiest way to dress up wearing red pants is combine your red pant with shirt or blouse in neutral color and cover it with blazer. This combination will look good with wedges, but low heeled shoes will make you feel better and more comfortable to work. Make sure that red pants you choose for work are not made of jeans or denim suiting because that suiting is impolite for formal programs but identical with casual style.Red Pants Outfit

About wearing jeans red pants for casual style, you can wear your red skinny jeans with loose tops and blue jeans jacket. Your accessories will help you looks more attractive and charming. To complete your casual style, a pair of sneakers or loafers will perfect your appearance.