How to Wear Women’s High Heel Shoes

High heel is a type of women’s and girls’ footwear with heels under the sole. Some women wear high heel shoes just to make them looks taller. The other women buy many high heels shoes because they want to appear femininely in different styles of high heel. The other women and girls who are tomboy don’t want to wear any high heels because they don’t like the impression of feminine and girly high heel shoes represent. For the last mentioned, some different styles of high heel shoes will be god choices.

Nowadays, high heel shoes are not only for feminine girls. Many new designs of high heel shoes are designed in different impressions that perhaps will match with your character. For example, high heel sneakers are great enough for girls who want to appear sportily. Sneakers are identical with sporty looks, so if you are required to wear high heel but you don’t want to lose your sporty character, you can consider this kind of high heel shoes.High Heel Boots

For you who love everything western and love to appear in western or country style, high heel boots are the best. High heel boots are available in many length from the shortest (high heel ankle boots) to the highest ones (high heel thigh high boots). All of those high heel boots are good for country style and western style with cowgirl styled outfits. And leather, especially in brown and black colors, is the best suiting for you who want to represent masculinity in your style.High Heel Flip Flops

But if you want something simple to hang out with your casual style, high heel flip flops are now available for you. Flip flop is the simplest footwear you can wear to hang out, walking around, and having a date. High heel flip flops will make you looks more girly.