Indonesian Kebaya Anne Avantie Collections

Each country has their custom clothes for both men and women in all ages. In Japan you will find kimono, if you visit India you will see Shari, cheongsam is from China. And in Indonesia there is a custom cloth for women named kebaya. Kebaya is a transparent cloth for women that are full decorated by sequins. The sequins will make you looks elegant because it is shiny especially when the lights touch the sequins.

In Indonesia you can see many kebaya designers who always create new kebaya designs. One of those kebaya designers is Anne Avantie. Anna Avantie is a famous kebaya designer who always designs great kebaya. Do you know that Indonesian people also have batik as their custom clothes? Oftentimes, Anne Avantie merges kebaya and batik for her designs. Watch some kebaya Anne Avantie collections in the internet and you will see how great she merged kebaya and batik becomes wonderful united.Kebaya Anne Avantie Collections

Kebaya Anne Avantie collections are designed perfectly with high quality brocade and lace with adorable touches of batik in the right place. Her designs of kebaya batik are the greatest in Indonesia. Actually, the combination between kebaya and batik is a great combination. Due to the name is kebaya, Anne uses much more brocade or lace in her designs, then she add several only touches of batik as the sweetener.Kebaya Msulim Anne Avantie.

For what occasion you can wear kebaya Anne Avantie? In Indonesia kebaya is always worn by women for their wedding, graduation, inauguration, and the other occasions. You can get one of kebaya Anne Avantie collections that you like and wear it for many moments every times you want to appear elegantly. Kebaya Anne Avantie usually is a top kebaya that’s worn with a sarong or batik. You can get it a package for maximal elegant appearance.