Latest Men’s Suit Designs 2013

When I hear about suit, I always think about a set of formal clothes that’s consists of long pant in black color, a white shirt, and a coat in similar color with pant complete with a tie in collar. How boring it is. But in this 2013 year, we will see something different about latest men`s suit designs 2013. If we are used to see many men in boring formal suits, we won’t find them anymore. Let us see the ideas about suits men 2013.

The trend in this year is about color block. Color block trend is a trend which using bright colors for elements of clothing. If we apply color block trend in latest men`s suit designs 2013, we will find many men in colored suits. You can also apply this color block trend by wearing a coat, long pant, shirt, tie, and even shoes in similar color. The colors you can choose to create color blocked latest men`s suit designs 2013 are orange, red, pink, yellow, light green, and the other else that are included in bright colors.Suits That Are in Style

If you don’t want to apply the bright color for all elements of latest men`s suit designs 2013, you can use it for one only or more elements. For example, you can wear black or dark colored long pant. But for the coat, you can wear the one in red or blue or another color you want.Current Suit Style

Beside about color block trend, there is also a new style of latest men`s suit designs 2013. It is about semi casual latest men`s suit designs 2013. Some companies allow their employees to wear jeans in Friday, so you can wear a jeans pant under your shirt. But due to jeans are identical with casual style, you can make your style looks formal by wearing a blazer or long coat over your shirt. Don’t wear sneakers because it will make your semi formal style looks like casual.