Modern Dress Kebaya Short and Long

Each country has their custom clothes for both men and women in all ages. In Japan you will find kimono, if you visit India you will see Shari, cheongsam is from China. And in Indonesia there is a custom cloth for women named kebaya. Kebaya is a transparent cloth for women that are full decorated by sequins. The sequins will make you looks elegant because it is shiny especially when the lights touch the sequins.

Major of teenage girls in Indonesia love to wear dress and they think they can’t feel comfort in a wrapped of kebaya. Yes, people think kebaya is a traditional cloth that is not easy to be worn. But nowadays kebaya presents in many new designs and styles that are enables us to wear it easily. One of those modern designs kebaya is dress kebaya both long and short. If you hate wearing kebaya just because it is complex, you can try to consider it now with its simplicity.Modern Dress Kebaya

When I talked about simplicity, I meant you can wear dress kebaya without an additional of sarong. Some modern dresses kebaya are designed with lining that is patching inside kebaya. You can also ask the couturier what model of dress kebaya you want. Short dress kebaya enables you to wear your kebaya with jeans pant and it will make you looks fashionable. Beside the length of kebaya, kebaya’s sleeves length also available in several choices. Long sleeved kebaya looks elegant and mature, but short sleeved kebaya is better for teens who want freedom.Long Dress Kebaya.

If you can wear short dress kebaya for hang out, long dress kebaya enables you to appear elegantly and becomes a beautiful woman in a party you attend. Long dress kebaya complete with lining isn’t looks modish anymore with a pair of slippers. With a represent of pumps or wedges your long dress kebaya will look adorable.