New Hairstyle Inspired by Nicole Richie Hair

Nicole Camille Richie is 31 years old actress, designer, and charity from USA. As a designer, Nicole Richie always creates new designs, models, and styles of clothes you can find in internet. Nicole Richie herself always wears her clothes, then mix and match them becomes trendy and stylish clothes that are match for her. Not only her clothes, she always knows how to arrange her hairstyle to attract people or just to make people awing her. Perhaps you can get inspirations for your hair style for Nicole Richie hair below.

Some Nicole Richie hair styles are so elegant, the others can be so cool, and some other Nicole Richie hair styles are cute. Nicole Richie updos hair with braid looks so cool and elegant. Her updos hair style makes her looks mature too. You can do same thing with your hair. Make your own updos hair and you will automatically looks like Nicole Richie, elegant, mature, and beautiful at once. A braid around your updos hair is so unique; it will also make your hair style looks cuter. This updos hair will be matches for your wedding or if you are going to attend some parties in elegant style.Nicole Richie Hair Color

Or you can just color your hair using hair dye, just like Nicole Richie hair color. Use a hair dye that’s contrasts with your hair color to create highlight. The highlight will make your hair looks cool. With your new hair color, you are ready to go hang out or having a date with your by, want to try?Nicole Richie Hairstyle

If your hair is long enough, you can create a headdress with your hair. For example, you can create a bow over your head with your long hair. Do you see the last picture above? Nicole Richie hair style above gives me an inspiration to create a bow or create a flower shape with long hair. You have to try this too sometimes.