Nicole Richie Wedding Dress Inspirations

Nicole Camille Richie is 31 years old actress, designer, and charity from USA. As a designer, Nicole Richie always creates new designs, models, and styles of clothes you can find in internet. Nicole Richie herself always wears her clothes, then mix and match them becomes trendy and stylish clothes that are match for her. And in her wedding, Nicole wore an elegant wedding dress in ball gown model. Do you want to know how Nicole Richie wedding dress looks like does?

Nicole Richie wedding dress is a ball gown dress with tail and completed with a veil. She looks so elegant and beautiful in her wedding dress. Top part of Nicole Richie wedding dress was made of lace, a very soft fabric that’s usually has very high price. Beneath of her wedding dress looks so beautiful in pure white color and expand shape. You can imitate her wedding dress style if you want to.Nicole Richie in Wedding Dress

Beneath of Nicole Richie wedding dress is able to be loosed, and the inner of Nicole Richie wedding dress was made of lace, can you imagine how much does it cost? It must be so expensive. Nicole Richie set her hair style in the top and she wore a head dress in silver color then covered her hair using veil. When she took her beneath gown down, she also took her veil down. It created a simple look in a very elegant wedding dress. How great her wedding dress is.Nicole Richie Wedding Dress Lace

Inspired by Nicole Richie wedding dress, you can design your own wedding dress and ask the couturier to realize it. You just need to prepare the budget because you will need very big numbers of money to get a wedding dress like Nicole Richie wedding dress. Now, you can make a decision for your wedding dress.