Traditional Arabic Women Clothing Caftan and Hijab

In different country, you will find different culture, language, and custom clothes. In Japan, you will find Kimono. In Indonesia, there are plenty of Kebaya and Batik. In India, Shari is so popular. What about Arab? What custom clothes of Arab that is popular? This page is consists of some information about Arabic women clothing. If you want to know the answer of those questions, come and find here.

The first Arabic woman clothing that’s now popular is Caftan. Caftan becomes so popular in Pakistan in last years. Modern Caftan shows the ancient Islamic tradition, culture, and inspiring designs from the older era. Caftan is matches with all kinds of clothes and it is presents in modern and interesting color, pattern, and design. Modern Caftan influences the wearer and represents the modern looks. Traditional Caftan is presents in long style and full arms, but modern Caftan is presents in both long and short sleeves. Caftan is designed in plain chiffon or georgettes and decorated with embroideries and other ornaments.Arabic Women Clothing Hijab

Second Arabic women’s clothing is hijab that’s designed to make Muslim women looks trendy and stylish. This hijab is covering all parts of body in elegant way and suitable with Islamic norms. Hijab presents in variety of colors, designs, and suiting that are enable us to choose accord with our desire. Nowadays, many designers create modern designs of Arabic women clothing hijab that are looks so attractive and interesting for women.  Different motifs of embroideries as the ornaments enables women to wear their ne designed hijabs for all occasions. To appear impressive and interesting in all occasions, you should be smart to select the best hijab from the color, suiting, design, and style.Traditional Arabic Women Clothing

After you read those Arabic women clothing in new designs that are more modern, don’t you interested to get one Arabic women clothing for your self?