Traditional Kebaya Indonesian Wedding Dress

Each country has their custom clothes for both men and women in all ages. In Japan you will find kimono, if you visit India you will see Shari, cheongsam is from China. And in Indonesia there is a custom cloth for women named kebaya. Kebaya is a transparent cloth for women that are full decorated by sequins. The sequins will make you looks elegant because it is shiny especially when the lights touch the sequins.

Many women in Indonesia love to wear kebaya for their wedding day. If you are interested to get an Indonesian wedding dress, I would like to share some ideas about kebaya Indonesian wedding dress you may like. Kebaya Indonesian wedding dress is available in many models and designs. One of them is long kebaya wedding dress. Long kebaya wedding dress is a kebaya dress with floor length complete with veil and tail. Some kebaya wedding dresses have long veil that’s also as a tail.Indonesian Traditional Wedding Dress

Some kebaya wedding dresses need sarong for the beneath although its length is reaches the floor. The other else of kebaya Indonesian wedding dress isn’t requires you to wear sarong or batik for your beneath because it has a lining under the transparent brocade or lace. Although kebaya is a traditional clothes for women in Indonesia but the designs and models that are modern are able to make the wearer looks as elegant as modern wedding dressed bride.Kebaya Wedding Dress.Kebaya Wedding Dresses

If you are a Muslim woman but you want to wear kebaya Indonesian wedding dress for your wedding, you can realize that desire. General kebaya wedding dress is made of transparent fabrics like brocade and lace. But you can ask the couturier to place a lining inside the kebaya wedding dress that’s able to cover all of your skin perfectly. A decorative veil can be so gorgeous for you.