Unique Designs of Pocket Watch Necklace

Necklace is a jewelry or accessory that’s usually worn by people on their neck. Usually, a jewelry necklace is made of gold or another precious metal. Nowadays, there are many materials that can be exploited to make necklace, such as plastic, ceramics, saga fruits’ seed, fabrics, stones, woods, bones, shells, pearls, and the other else. Necklace usually seems like chain and sometimes as the sweetener a medallion is hanging in the end.

There are two types of necklace. First is plain designed necklace and second is necklace with pendant. About the second, necklace with pendant, so many things we can use as pendants for necklaces, even a pocket watch is a great pendant. Pocket watch necklace is a necklace with pocket watch as the pendant. Some pocket watch necklace is able to be closed and becomes a cool necklace; it can also be opened if we need to see the watch. Another else pocket watch necklace can’t be closed and always shows us the time. Which one is better?Pocket Watch Necklace Women

Actually both of those pocket watch necklaces are not bad; it is just about your desire and your personal choice. Which one do you prefer? For women, pocket watch necklace that can be closed is better. Women who always want to appear fashionably will need fashionable accessories too. To fulfill this necessary, pocket watch necklace which can be closed will make women looks more stylish.Pocket Watch Necklace Men

And for men, pocket watch necklace without cover is better because it looks unique and attractive. Men will get cool and trendy impression from pocket watch necklace without cover. But because of this is about desire, you are free to choose the one you like, hang it on your neck, and let people see and awe you with your trendy style in your unique pocket watch necklace.