Wedding Clip Art with Special Meanings

March 7, 2013

For your wedding, if you want to get the best wedding ever, you should prepare anything perfectly, from the invitation card, wedding time, wedding location, wedding theme, wedding dress and suit, and also decoration. The first you have to decide is the wedding theme or concept, and then after you get the theme you can decide anything else. Second thing after the wedding theme is wedding invitation cards.Wedding Ribbon Clip Art

Your wedding invitation card should be match with the theme of your wedding and able to represent the situation of the wedding later. You can place your pre-wedding photo with your couple in your wedding invitation card to show people who will get marriage. But there are some people who think that pre-wedding photo is impolite; to respect them you can use wedding clip art as the substitute of your pre-wedding photo. But don’t choose any kind of clip art for your wedding invitation without caring about the meanings.Wedding Clip Art Symbols

Yes, some wedding clip arts have different meanings for the wedding. For example, two rings that are united into one is symbolizes the commitment and unitary. Another wedding clip art which has a special symbol is two bells. Old people think bell is able to chase away the devil and its bad spirit. They also believe that bell is able to invite the lucky. Want to invite lucky to your new family?Wedding Clip Art

If you love animals and you want to use pictures of animals in your wedding invitation cards, doves and swans are best. Wedding clip art with two doves or two swans have very romantic meaning. Dove is a very loyal bird. Dove also well in cooperation. Female dove will take care of her kids or eggs when the male dove look for meals. And they will do those two tasks alternately. A couple of swans also a good symbol, especially if their necks shaped a love or heart shapes. A swan will marry one only swan for its whole live. What a loyal animal. So, which one of wedding clip art do you prefer?

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