Wedding Reception Ideas for Summer

For your wedding, if you want to get the best wedding ever, you should prepare anything perfectly, from the invitation card, wedding time, wedding location, wedding theme, wedding dress and suit, and also decoration. Some people plan their wedding in summer; if you are included in those people you should consider important things to anticipate hot weather of summer.

First number of wedding reception ideas for summer is about the selections of color. There are some bright colors you can apply for your wedding reception for summer, such as orange, yellow, and light green. Bright colors will always look good for summer. By applying bright colors for your summer wedding reception, you summer wedding will be a bright and clear wedding, a cheerful wedding, and a colorful wedding. Apply bright color you choose for all elements like for the decoration, for bridesmaid dress, for wedding bouquet, and the other elements of your summer wedding. About your wedding dress, white is not bad but wedding dress in bright color will also look beautiful.Wedding Reception Ideas for Summer Outdoor

Another of wedding reception ideas for summer is about the time of wedding. Wedding time will influence the decoration you will use. For daylight wedding in summer, you need to place and install some shelters under the seats of wedding and seats of guests. Summer sunlight can be so got and it will make the reception felt sultry and un-comfortable. The shelters will cover people from the direct sunlight and make them feel comfort during the reception. It helps you to create gratifying wedding.Wedding Reception for Summer

If you don’t want to install any shelter for your summer wedding, you can consider holding your wedding reception in night. The third of wedding reception ideas for summer is for night summer wedding. If your wedding will be held in night, some lighting that will make your wedding looks romantic are needed. Make sure that the lighting is enough to light all areas of your wedding location especially if the wedding is held outdoor.