Women with Flared Jeans 2013

Flared jeans 2013 is a kind of jeans pant which has a special character wide in beneath and has loose cutting. Flared jeans 2013 is a good choice for women in thin body. But due to flared jeans 2013 is wide in beneath, this model of jeans pant is not too good for women who have not too tall body. It is because people will be focused on the legs while that part is looks short. This flared jean 2013 is also good for women with big bottom and wide waists.

Now, how can we wear flared jeans 2013? With what tops we can make it looks fashionable? For you who want to disguise your big bottom, flared jeans 2013 can be worn with long and loose tops like tunic, kaftan, long coat, or long cardigan. With loose and long tops, your flared jeans 2013 will look casual and trendy. Then you can wear kitty heels, high heel flip flops, sneakers, or ankle boots with this combination.Flared Jeans 2013 Pic

If you are a business woman and you want to wear jeans for work, flared jeans 2013 with blouse and long blazer will be a good style. High heels shoes or wedges will make you looks formal. Flared jeans that look casual will be neutralized with your coating, so choose a blazer, long cardigan, or long coat that’s looks formal. About the color of flared jeans 2013 to work, choose the ones in dark colors like black or dark blue.Flared Jeans 2013 Photo

Tank top with a loose coat or hoodie and flared jeans 2013 is good for casual styles. You can mix and match your flared jeans 2013 with any cloth you have on your wardrobe, just watch yourself in front of your mirror and check if your style with flared jeans 2013 is good enough. Then you ready to go.