Women’s Trendy Office Fashion 2013

For work, all of us need respectful clothes so people will see that we are a good employee and have positive estimations for us. But sometimes, many people wear same clothes for work and they look so boring. Actually if you have no uniform for work and you are free to wear any cloth for work, you are lucky. You can choose the one you like but the polite one for work and appear fashionably. But, what fashionable clothes you can wear for work and keep the politeness? I have some ideas for you.

Women’s suit that’s usually consists of a tight skirt with same colored blazer complete with a white blouse is so boring. Then you can change your office fashion 2013 with a work dress. A dress, either tight or not, will make you looks more fashionable than a skirt. If you want to make it looks more and more fashionable, you can choose the dress with interesting pattern like floral, plaid, or another pattern that makes you looks beautiful.Office Fashion 2013 Women

About the blazer, you can change it with new style too. Office fashion 2013 with dress and a coat is a good choice. You can try to wear a long coat over your mini dress. The coat will perfect your mini dress and make it looks more respectful because it disguises the sexiness of the mini dress. Let the button of your coat opened so people able to see your mini dress. Then, over your long coat, you can wear a belt that’s makes your appearance looks more stylish.Winter Office Fashion 2013

Long coat is also a good winter office fashion 2013, but mini dress won’t be match for winter. So, under your long coat, you can wear long pant and a turtleneck as a top. Turtleneck will cover your chest and neck from the cold weather and keep you feel warm during you work. A pair of high heels boots will be a good choice for winter office shoes.