Beauty of Jessica Alba Blue Dress and Accessories

Jessica Marie Alba is 31 years old American actress who has been success and famous by the films such as Dark Angel, Sin City, Fantastic Four, Into the Blue, and Idle Hands. Alba ever reached a Golden Globe and a Golden Raspberry. Jessica Alba becomes one of many trend setters for women and girls because she always appears in stylish clothes and fashionable. Let us see some blue dresses of Jessica Alba that may inspire you to get the dress for parties.

Jessica Alba ever wore many dresses in many colors, but in this occasion we will look for inspiration from Jessica Alba blue dresses only. Blue is a color that’s symbolizes water and sky. Blue represents cool and fresh impression. When we see a woman in blue dress, we can feel the freshness and enjoy the beauty. Jessica Alba blue dress also looks beautiful and classy. First Jessica Alba blue dress is blue versace dress, a floor length blue colored dress with tail. It is not wedding dress but it has tail. The blue scheme looks elegant; and it becomes more luxurious because Alba wore accessories with similar color on her neck.Jessica Alba Blue Dress

Another Jessica Alba blue dress is short blue dress. Different with the first above, this second Jessica Alba blue dress looks cuter, especially with different color on the top. Once more, Alba wore same colored accessories on her ears, this make her appearance looks more and more stunning.Jessica Alba Blue Dresses

Just like Jessica Alba, we can imitate Jessica’s style with Jessica Alba blue dress and appear beautifully. Don’t wear our blue dress without any sweetener; if we can’t wear any accessories or we have no idea about what accessory we will wear, we can set our hairstyle as our accessory, make it looks unique or cute to attract people’s attention to our hair.