Benefits of Phiten Titanium Necklace

Titanium is a chemical element that’s also a transition metal that’s light in weight, strong, shiny, and endure of corrosion (it is included in endure of briny water and chlorine). Titanium with its special characters of metal has higher value than gold. Titanium also has several special characters; first, it is as strong as steel but its weight is only 60% from steel’s weight. Second, titanium’s fatigue strength is higher than combination of aluminum. Third, titanium is endures of high temperature; when the utilizing of temperature is more than 150° Celsius, titanium is needed because aluminum will lose its strength. Fourth, titanium is endures of corrosion, it is more endure than aluminum and steel.

Can you imagine how does it feel if you can get a titanium necklace on your neck? There is a store where you can find many titanium stuffs, it is in Phiten. If you want to get a titanium necklace, you can consider visiting Phiten and perhaps you can get Phiten titanium necklace you want. Yoshihiro Hirata from Japan was established Phiten as the store which provides titanium stuffs. So many stuffs, included necklace that’s made of titanium you can get from Phiten.Phiten Titan Chain Necklace Phiten Rakuwa Necklace X50

Some Phiten titanium necklaces you can find inter alia Rakuwa Necklace X30, this latest X30 necklace is immersed in X30 concentration of aqua titan. It has higher concentration of titanium as compared to the standard necklaces. It is available in 45cm and 55cm sizes. Second is Rakuwa Necklace X50 that’s immersed in X50 concentration of aqua titan and has higher concentration of titanium as compared to the standard necklaces and X30. It is also available in sizes 45cm and 55cm. Titan Chain Necklace is the third, the entire of this necklace is made of titanium. It is designed simply with enhanced benefit. This kind of Phiten titanium necklace is available in sizes 50cm and 65cm. and there are many other else Phiten titanium necklaces available you can see in Phiten official site.