Formal and Casual White Gucci Belt

Belt is usually worn by men and women to tighten their pant or skirt. But actually, the function of belt is not only to tighten pants and skirts, but also as an accessory for our clothes. There are two types of belts, the first is formal belt and the second if trendy belt for casual clothes. Formal belt is a belt that’s usually made of leather in formal style and it is used to be worn with suit for men and over the uniform. Trendy casual belt is usually used not to tighten up the pant but as a sweetener for our style.

Some fashion houses like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Hermes, and the others produce belts in formal and trendy styles to fulfill customers’ necessary who are business men and young people. Gucci is a fashion house that’s provides many luxury goods including belt. Belt from Gucci has many options of color, white Gucci belt is one of them. White Gucci belt is matches for anyone. For women, white Gucci belt will look good with jeans pant in any color, skirts, and even dresses as sweetener.White Gucci Belt Ebay

For boys, white Gucci belt is not bad too; it can make their blue jeans look trendier. White is included in neutral color and it will match for all people, either men or women. White Gucci belt that’s made of leather is also good to be worn with formal suits in white color too.Gucci Belts

Gucci is international company and it is a popular brand, no wonder that the prices of its products are as high as its name. There are many selections of fake or replica white Gucci belt too, the price is lower just like the quality. Although it is cheaper, but it is not as good as the real one, so it is better to get the real one.