How to Dress Like Selena Gomez Pictures

What do you know about Selena Marie Gomez? I knew her as an actress and a singer. She is also a trend setter for many girls who love her style and outfits. Selena always has something new in her style and it won’t be out of date. In this New Year, Selena also has new style for hang out in jeans. Watch her new style in Selena Gomez pictures with jeans and imitate it for your hang out style or having a date.

As I told you before, her new style is casual in jeans outfits. Jeans is identical with casual style and young or teenage looks. But you can also appear stylish and mature in your jeans outfits. Let us see what Selena did with her jeans. First of Selena Gomez pictures style is wears cropped jeans jacket over her short tight dress; tight dress and skirt is always identical with mature women and usually worn for work. So when you wear your short dress or short skirt that’s tight with your jeans jacket that’s looks casual, you will get a special look. Don’t forget to wear accessories that will make you looks more mature and trendy all at once.Selena Gomez Pictures Tumblr

But if you want to appear chic and beautifully, you can steal the second Selena Gomez pictures. She looks beautiful and energetic in her sleeveless casual dress and a wrapped of jeans vest. Then, what can you do to imitate her style? You can wear mini dress, not the tight one, and cover it with sleeveless jeans jacket or jeans vest. Then to make it looks chic, you can wear a belt in for your mini cute dress that the color is similar with your bag and shoes.Selena Gomez Pictures 2012

And the last one of Selena Gomez pictures is about jeans pant. Your jeans pant and jeans legging will make you looks trendy and cool, just like Selena. Your skinny jeans and jeans legging will look perfect in long and loose tops. Don’t wear your jeans legging and skinny jeans with tight tops because it will make you look worse.