How to Wear Red Pants for Women 2013

Jeans pant with solid colors are still trendy in this year. Many jeans pants with many bright colors such as red, yellow, orange, green, purple, and the other else are still popular and loved by girls and young women. Red jeans are one of those colored jeans pants that are most wanted by women. It is because red is their favorite color and most compatible color for female. Red with its many meanings is look good for women, but if you can’t mix and match your red pants for women with right clothes, your style will look terrible. Find some useful tip to mix match red pants for women 2013 below.

First tip is wearing your red pants for women 2013 with pastel colored tops to make it looks more chic and feminine. Some accessories with similar colored will also make you look sweeter. For you who love sporty style, red pants for women 2013 with right combination will also give you trendy sporty style. Maximize your sporty style by combining your red pants for women 2013 with hi-top sneakers, slouchy tees, and jacket. What jacket?Red Jeans for Women 2013

Burgundy pants or red pants for women 2013 will look good to be combined with leather jacket or denim jacket. This combination between red pants for women 2013 and leather or denim jacket will make you look more cheerful and powerful. To complete this style, ankle boots is a good choice for the footwear. In weekend, you need something casual and relaxing; red pants for women 2013 with loose cutting sweater, tank top, and some simple accessories will create a great casual combination. For perfect look, high heel shoes will make you look taller.Red Pants for Women

Plain red pants for women 2013 will attract people with printed top. Floral, animal, tribal, and the other print of tops, especially in similar color with the colored jeans pant will make your style looks proportional. If you want to look neater, a blazer over your red pants for women 2013 is good. If you are not required to wear uniform when you work, you can wear blazer with red pants for women and high heel shoes. It is better to give priority to whit colored blazer than black to make you look fresher.

Do not wear your light or bright red pants for women 2013 in nights! Avoid neon colored jeans pant in night; just mix match your darker colored jeans pant (such as red maroon) with metallic colored top and accessories. Then, you are ready to be the limelight by people.