Principles about Style Clothes for Women

Clothes for men are not as many as women’s clothes. Yes, women have many kinds of clothes in different designs and models. Those clothes will make women look beautiful if they are combined well. But those clothes will also make women look bad if they wear any kind of clothes without watching the style and combination. So many principles are also created to help women get best style with many clothes they have. If those principles are obeyed, women will always able to appear stylish and charming.

We will see some principles about style clothes for women here, hope they’re all are useful for us. First principle is about style clothes for petite women and plus size women. For plus size women, the pattern of clothes should be small, not big but not too small too. Polka dot, floral pattern, and the other pattern that’s small are good to make plus size women look smaller. About stripe pattern for plus size women, vertical stripe are better than horizontal stripe. Vertical stripe will make plus size women look slimmer and taller. While horizontal pattern is better for petite women, it will make them look bigger.Dress Styles for Women

Another principle is about tight and loose style clothes for women combination. Major women knew that tight pant should be wear with loose top to create balance style. Legging and skinny jeans are usually worn with tunic, mini dress, and the other tops that are loose and long (at least they are able to cover the bottom). If this principle is obeyed, all women will look balance in their clothes combination.Country Style Clothes for Women

So many style clothes for women are always created, renewed, and become popular. Equestrian style, western country style, hip hop style, and many other styles with unique clothing combination are very popular for women. With those style clothes for women, women will always able to appear stylish and fashionable every day.