Styles with Boots Men Skinny Jeans

Boots is a pair of shoes that’s usually worn by people in winter and fall. Nowadays, many boots are designed fashionably for women and teenager girls. Women and girls love wearing those fashionable boots to hang out with their trendy clothes. Many smart women and girls look match with their boots because they can mix match their boots with the clothes well. How about men? Are they also able to create great combination with their fashionable boots? Read some ideas about how to look masculine with boots men skinny jeans below.

Skinny jeans are always matches with women’s legs. But men wearing skinny jeans will look different in people’s view. With the help of boots, skinny jeans won’t look weird for men. There are some styles that require men to wear skinny jeans and boots. Western style or cowboy style for example, it requires men to wear boots outside the pant. And the pant won’t be able to enter the boots if it is not skinny pant. Western style with boots men skinny jeans will look perfect with plaid shirt and leather jacket complete with cowboy hat and a scarf.Boots Men Skinny Jeans Pic Boots Men Skinny Jeans Photo

Equestrian style is the second style that’s requires men to wear boots men skinny jeans. Equestrian style or horse-riding style consists of skinny pant, high boots, shirt, and blazer. As the substitute of skinny pant, skinny jeans pant will look matches with fashionable high boots. Choose a blazer in similar color with the boots to be worn over the long sleeved shirt. Complete this equestrian style with horse riding’s hat and your boots men skinny jeans won’t ever look boring or strange. This style can be worn for hangout and also for formals. If you are going to wear this equestrian style for your formal programs, choose the dark colored skinny jeans like dark brown, dark blue, or black.