Unique Views of Men Wearing Dresses

In this world, there are many countries with many custom clothes and languages. Different country has different language and custom clothes. In some countries, there are some custom clothes for men that are look like dress and skirt. In those countries, men are used to wear dresses which are their custom clothes. Those countries are including Indonesia, Japan, Bhutan, Pakistan, India, Korea, China, and the other more.

In Korea, Hanbok is custom cloth that’s usually worn by men and women. Hanbok usually has bright colors and has no pockets. Men wearing dresses are not a weird view in Korea, where the men are also used to wear Hanbok for some special moments. Men wearing dresses are also usual in Japan, because they can wear kimono that’s looks like a suit with top and skirt while the women wear kimono that’s looks like dress. Men’s kimono is made of dark colored suiting like dark green, chocolate brown, dark blue, and black. Men’s formal kimono is a suit that’s consists of black montsuki with hakama and haori. Another kimono is casual kimono kinagashi. This kimono kinagashi can be worn for men’s daily or when they need to go but in informal occasions.Party Wear Dresses for Men Men Wearing Wedding Dresses

In India, men wearing dresses is not a new news. Indian and Pakistani custom cloth for men is sherwani. Men are used to wear sherwani for their wedding and for the other special moments. In Bhutan, many men are also used to wear custom cloth that’s looks like skirt and some layers of top. Except those custom clothes above, there are still many other countries where the men are used to wear dress as their custom clothes. In our country, there must be some custom clothes we have to wear in some occasions, then we have to be proud when we wear our custom cloth just like those men wearing dresses.