Beautiful Traditional Style of Dress in Mexico

Style is a part of human’s secondary need that can be fickle according to the advancement of era or someone’s desire to change his/her style. Style is visible from someone’s clothing, language, habits, and the others. Everybody is able to create their own style from their habits to eat, wearing clothes, their way to talk, and the other aspect of life that’s different with the other people. In every year, there will be new styles that are popular and replace the old styles. And even, in every season there are some different styles for men and women. Let us see some traditional style that’s still popular until this year, especially in Mexico.

Style of dress in Mexico usually uses some fabrics like cotton, leather, agave, wool, and silk. Huipil is the first traditional cloth in Mexico that’s very beautiful and still popular until this moment. Huipil looks like tunic with sleeves. Huipil usually made of cotton but sometimes wool is also utilized to make huipil. Huipil is usually worn by women only. Second traditional dress that’s still popular is Quechquemitl. This garment is looks like rope but very stylish. Not only women who wear quechquemitl, but men are also used to wear this cloth.Mexico Clothing Styles Mexican Dresses

Puebla dress is also a style of dress in Mexico that we can find easily nowadays. Puebla dress and Puebla blouse usually has short sleeves and loose design. This Puebla is also recognized in bohemian style. Style of dress in Mexico usually has beautiful styled embroidery and meaningful colors. Both embroideries and meaningful colors make the wearer looks beautiful and elegant. You can get those Mexican dresses and wear them for formal programs and for parties and they will give you elegant looks you want. Those Mexican dresses are also able to make you feel comfort because the fabrics that are utilized are comfortable fabrics.